What we do

When establishing business relationships online, one often wonders about the identity of the human beings on the other side of the screen. For those who are interested in our real-world backgrounds, these blurbs flesh out the background of Elastic Collision's co-founders and advisory board. You can reach the co-founders at: consulting@elasticcollision.com.


Dr. Aaron Delwiche, Founder and CEO

With one foot in industry and the other in the academy, Aaron Delwiche has been studying ways the Internet can be used to foster education and global dialogue for more than 15 years. His innovative experiments with virtual worlds in the classroom have been covered by international publications ranging from Wired to The Guardian (UK). As the Director of Interface Development at Lemon Asia, he facilitated the interactive agency's expansion into Singapore and Mainland China. In 2006, he co-founded one of the first full-service virtual world consultancies. Aaron has been actively involved in virtual world development projects for a wide range of organizations, including AMD, France Telecom, New York Law School, New Market Pictures, and USC Annenberg's Center for Public Diplomacy.

Dr. Jennifer Henderson, Co-founder

In the early years of the Internet, Jennifer Henderson fought in Washington D.C. for public access to government information. This experience shaped her beliefs regarding the importance of a truly inclusive virtual marketplace of ideas. An Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at Trinity University, Henderson’s recent research explores youth identification with video-games and free-speech in virtual worlds. Recently, Henderson has consulted on projects involving virtual-world based diversity training and cross-media game design. She also co-authored one of the most comprehensive surveys of Second Life residents that has been conducted to date. Jennifer's teaching has received multiple awards, including Trinity University’s Junior Faculty Distinguished Teaching and Research Award.


Dr. Richard Bartle, Co-designer of MUD (the first virtual world)

Richard Allan Bartle is a British writer and game researcher, best known for being the co-author of MUD, the first multi-user dungeon. He is one of the pioneers of the massively multiplayer online game industry. Bartle received a PhD in artificial intelligence from the University of Essex, which is where he created MUD along with Roy Trubshaw, in 1978.He is a part-time professor and teaching fellow in the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, supervising courses on computer game design as part of the department's degree course on computer game development. He is the author of Designing Virtual Worlds, a well-received book about the history, ethics, and "nuts and bolts" of massively multiplayer games. He presently lives with family in a village just outside Colchester, England.

Robin Harper, Vice President, Marketing & Community Development, Linden Lab

From the very beginning, Robin Harper led the emergence of the Second Life brand, including naming, positioning and the other marketing efforts supporting introduction of this life-changing technology. She also established policies, operations and support mechanisms to address issues ranging from social mores to technical support. Prior to joining Linden Lab in 2002, Harper was the Vice President of Marketing at Maxis, a division of Electronic Arts (EA). While at Maxis, she established SimCity as one of the most recognized brand names in entertainment software, and was named one of the marketing 100 by Advertising Age/Newsweek. In addition to Maxis and Linden Lab, Harper has held senior marketing positions at Ninth House Network (corporate learning and online education), at Mondo Media (online entertainment) and in advertising, leading media and later account management services for clients ranging from Clorox to Nintendo. She holds an MBA in marketing from the University of Chicago.


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